NYC Mandates COVID-19 Vaccinations for All Private-Sector Employees

As you may have heard, Mayor de Blasio announced this morning an expansion of the NYC vaccine mandate.  Details are still sketchy and I’ve not seen a new executive order issued as of yet, but here’s what we know so far.

Employers Subject to Current “Key to NYC” Mandate

  • This applies generally to employees and patrons of indoor portions of bars, restaurants, gyms and live entertainment venues.
  • As of 12/27, expands vaccine requirement from one to two doses for those aged 12 and over. The requirement is not “fully vaccinated” as defined by CDC – one doesn’t have to wait for 2 weeks after final dose to visit or work at these establishments.
  • As of 12/14, adds a new requirement for those 5-11 years old to have at least one vaccine dose.
  • You cannot test out of this requirement.  Medical and religious exemptions apply as they do currently.
  • These are the minimum requirements.  An establishment can require stricter standards, including that patrons and employees must be “fully vaccinated”.

 Other Private Employers To Which “Key to NYC” Does Not Apply

  • As of 12/27, mandates that all employees of private businesses must have at least one vaccine dose (doesn’t require two shots nor boosters).
  • Requirement will not be limited to certain industries.
  • No minimum employee requirement for mandate to apply.
  • I expect that one won’t be able to test out of this requirement absent a necessary accommodation, but awaiting further details.
  • These are the minimum requirements.  An employer can require stricter standards, including that employees must be “fully vaccinated”.
  • That’s all we know for now. More information is supposed to be available as of 12/15.