COVID Paid Sick Leave (April 30, 2022)

We wanted to remind you that in New York State, COVID Paid Sick Leave is still
in effect for employees who are ordered to quarantine or isolate due to
COVID-19 and are unable to work while in quarantine or isolation. Depending
on the size of the business, employers may be required to provide COVID Paid
Sick Leave to employees without requiring employees to first use accrued paid
time off.


All employees, regardless of the size of the business they work for, are entitled
to job protection upon returning to work from COVID Sick Leave. Employees
exercising these rights are protected under New York’s anti-retaliation laws.
To learn about what you can do if you were exposed, have symptoms, or test
positive for COVID, please click here


To find out more about your rights about COVID Sick Leave or to file a complaint, visit