NYSMCA Workshop

Labor Law Update

Since our last meeting there have been so many changes and moving parts in the law related to our industry. Our President, Mark Chiusano will be providing updates and statuses on the following and more:

  • Mis-classification of foot and bike messengers
  • New legislation that will impact Transportation Network Companies
  • Uber and Lyft required to pay minimum wage and how that can impact I/C’s
  • California’s new test for determination of worker status, employee or I/C
  • Twelve weeks of bereavement leave may be on tap for New Yorkers
  • And more…

Lobbying and Advocacy

Chirs Mackrell, President of Customer Courier Solutions will review best practices on why lobbying and advocacy are important strategies for ensuring laws and rules support the programs and services that are our reason for existing. He will also share best practices on how easy it is to reach your local city council person and how you can make an impact.

Our margins are being squeezed by the amount of regulation and the high costs of doing business here in the State of New York. Together we can make a difference.

Stop Sexual Harassment Act

It is official. Mayor Bill deBlasio signed into law a bill passed by the NYC council, the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act.

Join us to see what this new law means for you and your small business from compliance, training and mitigating risk in the workplace.

You must have the law posted by September 6, 2018 in both English and Spanish. Effective October 9, 2018 all employers in New York State will need to implement annual training for all employees and managers that cover certain topics set out in the statute. All current employees must be trained and signed off that they were trained. New York City’s training requirements apply to all employers with 15 or more employees.You will learn:

  • Proper training
  • Best practices on mitigating and reducing risk for lawsuits
  • Written policies
  • Use of confidentiality provisions curtailed
  • Changes to the statues coverage and statue of limitations
  • Coverage extended to non-employees, vendors, contractors and more.
  • Board of Directors

We encourage our Association to be present to recognize our new Board and their respective positions and celebrate the accomplishments of our out going President, Mark Chiusano and the entire Board.

The Association has advocated on capitol hill during the past two years at very high level.

For two consecutive years there has been record breaking sponsorship and attendance at the Annual Holiday party.

Our Association is only as good as the participation of members. Together we make a difference and as a community we have the opportunity to change the ordinary to extraordinary.

2018-2020 Board of Directors

President – John V. Rutigliano

Vice President – Larry Zogby

Secretary/Treasurer – Mitchell Newnan

Board Member – Didier Milongo

Board Member-Michael Turek

Past President-Mark Chiusano

Board Member-TBD

Please join us on September 12, 2018 for the NYSMCA seminar and business meeting.

All members are welcome to attend the seminar and networking hour for $50

Non-members are welcome to attend one meeting for $75


3:00 – 5:00 pm


5:00 – 6:00 pm

Open bar, hors d’oeuvres and networking