NYSMCA Business Meeting

Getting our companies ready to comply with the Affordable Care Act was a monumental undertaking. Now we need to stay on top of the issues in order to stay in compliance, contain costs, avail ourselves of the tax credits and prepare for what’s next.

We spent a good deal of time last year learning how to get our companies ready to meet the ACA regulations that took effect as of January 1, 2015 and many of you have some great information to share. If you are not yet in compliance, or aren’t sure, you should know that the consequences of noncompliance can be severe.

Getting into compliance is one part of the picture. Keeping our companies in compliance, containing our costs and taking advantage of tax breaks are what we should focus our attention on now.

This Seminar will Address:

  • Affordable Care Act regulations and compliance
  • Containing costs and tax credits
  • Consequences of noncompliance
  • Preparation for possible future issues