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Must-Have IT and Cybersecurity Compliance 101


There’s been a lot of talk about “Cybersecurity” but most people / business owners don’t fully understand where Day to Day IT stops and where Cybersecurity starts. Cybersecurity is often related to “GRC” which stands for Governance, Risk and Compliance. Compliance is an enormous and intimidating topic that can be much better understood if taught the basics first.


In this session, Danny Mizrahi, Founder and CEO of Contango IT, Co-Founder and Managing Director of GRSee, is going to break down the basics of Cybersecurity and Compliance. To do so we need to first understand IT Best Practices and “Must-Haves” for any business of any size, and how it relates to Cybersecurity Compliance 101. By doing so, your business could kill two birds with one stone, making sure your business is safe and secure while also being prepared for the eventual Compliance issues that will inevitably come up as your business grows and you go after bigger clients. Some topics will include:


Easily Achievable IT “Must-Haves” for your Business

  • Security Awareness Training, Spoofing/Phishing
  • Advanced/Basic Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Encryption (Messaging, Hardware, Data)
  • Ownership/Control/Monitoring/Maintenance of Software/Hardware
  • User Behavior Monitoring

Compliance 101

  • Vendor Requirement Letters
  • 3rd Party Compliance Checklists
  • Privacy Policies
  • PCI/ISO/SOC2 Frameworks Overview

Speaker: Danny Mizrahi, Contango IT and GRSee Americas

Thursday, April 7, 2022

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm


This meeting is bring held via zoom


Danny Mizrahi is the Founder/CEO of Contango IT and Co-Founder/Managing Director of GRSee Americas. Danny started his professional career at 14, as a runner on the NY Mercantile Exchange where he learned the word Contango and it’s meaning to always improve / gain value, where the future is higher than the present. After 4 years at the University of Maryland, Danny came back to NY to be the Director of Sales and Marketing for an IT Consulting Company. Soon after, he realized that there were better ways to help businesses than simply providing traditional IT support, Managed Services and Break/Fix solutions. Contango IT was originally created in 2009 to leverage Cloud technologies to help businesses lower costs, while increasing productivity, reliability and availability of their data. Since then, Contango IT has 30+ people and has become much more, specializing in IT Service and Support for over 170 businesses on a daily basis, Custom Programming/Application Development, and Infrastructure/Build Outs. Danny has also recently become the Managing Director for one of the top Cybersecurity companies in the world, GRSee Americas. Danny and his wife Sarah have 3 children, Shayna, Oakley and Rocco, and live in Manhattan.